Where to Find T-Slot Aluminum in the Philippines?

November 10, 2020

What are the benefits of T-Slot aluminum and where can you find it in the Philippines?

  1. Durable
  2. Corrosion-Resistant
  3. Lightweight
  4. Extensive Design
  5. Affordable

The T-slot or the T-section aluminum is one of the most useful types of aluminum modular framing. These framing parts or components are widely used in the manufacture of window frames, louvers, tables, assembly lines, and so on. If you’re looking for T-slot aluminum in the Philippines, you need to make sure that you get all of your modular framing materials from a trusted and reputable supplier like Acumaster.

Acumaster is the Philippines’ leading supplier of aluminum extruded products for many industries. Through innovative solutions on their aluminum extrusions and T-slots, they’ve been able to develop structural components that are durable, corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and affordable. Read on to find out more about their T-slot aluminum.


As mentioned before, aluminum T-slots are commonly used to provide structural framing and support for different utility objects, like tables or conveyor belts. This is because they provide durability and sturdiness unlike other materials such as wood.

Installing durable T-slots can help you save up on the cost of repairs and maintenance. They can last for several years without damage or breakage, as they exhibit a strong resistance against warping especially in the face of environmental factors. 

Although wooden or steel frames also have the same capabilities, they’re significantly more expensive to manufacture and maintain. Wood, for example, can easily become rotten because of its vulnerability to fluids. Meanwhile steel may eventually become subject to pitting corrosion after long periods.

Even when exposed to damaging elements, the T-slot aluminum can still provide a reliable mode of protection compared to steel and wood. They can support heavy loads and impacts without distorting the aluminum material. 


T series by Acumaster on a table

Structural steel has several downsides, making it one of the least-preferred materials for modular structures. One of these problems has to do with their non-corrosion resistant capabilities. Due to the high iron content in many steel alloys, steel material is more vulnerable to external stresses that may cause a change in its physical structuring.

For this reason, a wide range of industrial applications have begun looking into better alternatives to steel, like the aluminum extrusions. Unlike steel, aluminum T-slot extrusions don’t have to be applied with a surface coating in order for it to withstand corrosion. Its natural chemical and physical properties have enabled the material to produce a significant layer of oxide on its surface.

Coupled with the low iron content, the corrosion-resistant surface of aluminum T-slots make it an economical choice in eliminating the damaging effects of pitting corrosion. 


Aluminum T-slots are also considerably more lightweight compared to its steel, iron, or wooden counterparts. If you need to procure T-slots in bulk, your trusted aluminum supplier can easily deliver it to you without any hassle at all.

For factories and industrial facilities, the lightweightness of the materials that they use is an important consideration. Lighter, yet durable materials can have a number of amazing and cost-effective benefits. 

For example, in automotive assembly lines, the T-slot components that can be found in conveyor belt systems can provide ample support for the transport of different materials. When repairs are to be undertaken on automotive systems, disassembling the aluminum slots or sections is easier and far more convenient. 

Extensive Design

Table with T slot aluminum

The machinability, versatility, ductility, and strength of the T-slot aluminum makes it possible for different industries to come up with extensive design options. This is because T-slots contain a number of fixed sections that can accommodate virtually any kind of fitting, fastener, screws, and bolts.

Acumaster’s T-slot in particular, possesses a highly universal design that can be assembled with other accessories. These accessories can range from automatic, standard, universal, or central fasteners that can fit the several grooves of the T-slot. 

More than that, the design of this aluminum extrusion also works well with angle brackets to support conveyor belts, car framings, workstations, utility carts, safety railings, and the like. 


For all its benefits, the aluminum T-slot is a highly-affordable option for many industries. If any modifications or customizations are needed on a certain portion of a T-slot, this can be done in no time at all. Fabricating the aluminum T-slot is inexpensive and can be done with readily-available tools and materials. 

There is no compromise when it comes to the durability and affordability of aluminum extruded products — something that you won’t find across other materials. With its cost-effective procurement price, versatile design options, and strong corrosion resistance, the aluminum T-slot is undoubtedly a practical material. 

Your facility or factory would be able to spend less on buying expensive materials that can be time-consuming to assemble. Instead, you’ll have the benefit of choosing aluminum extrusions such as the T-slot, which is easy to install and assembly. This greatly helps you lower your operations and focus more on your core operations.

Key Takeaway

Acumaster’s line of T-slot aluminium in the Philippines can provide your facility with everything it needs on modular framing. These T-slots are highly-versatile, meaning you can come up with several design options that can fit your requirements. 

Want to learn more about the aluminum T-slot? Acumaster has everything you need. Check out the catalogue here and find out why aluminum extrusions make the best profiles for virtually any kind of application.