A Comprehensive List of Aluminum Profiles in the Philippines

October 2, 2020

What are the aluminum profiles in the Philippines?

  1. AMWSD Series
  2. 798 Series
  3. Premium 75 Series
  4. 38 Series
  5. WYC Series
  6. ED Section
  7. YP Series
  8. CW Section
  9. T Section

Aluminum profiles are the product of the aluminum extrusion process. Profiles that are made in this kind of alloy can be found in various applications, like louvers, window frames, architectural support, awnings, door sections, and more. If you want to learn more about the different types of profiles and their advantages, then Acumaster’s list of aluminum profiles in the Philippines can help you find the right one for you. Continue reading to learn more.

AMWSD Series

AMWSD by Acumaster

The AMWSD is Acumaster’s own innovation on the traditional sliding window profile SD series. If you’re having trouble with water leakages and cold wind drafts seeping through your windows and into your home’s exteriors during the rainy season, then you should consider buying this profile.

Acumaster’s AMWSD is fitted with a double jamb, head, interlocker, and a screen that helps secure your window into place. This aluminum profile is water resistant, due to the installation of a durable drainage and rubber seal component that you won’t find in the traditional SD series. 

798 Series

798 by Acumaster

Aluminum profiles can provide your home’s architectural fixtures with great functionality and design. Other than the AMWSD profile, you can also check out Acumaster’s 798 series. This window has been designed for easy assembly, and can also be put in place with already existing profiles that you may have.

The 798 series features a Acumaster-patented double sill and screen to help keep moisture from forming on the inside of your windows. It also comes in a triple-rail version with an additional drainage hole to keep water leaks away from the interiors. Featuring a sleek and contemporary design, the 798 series can very well blend in any modern environment.

Premium 75 Series

Premium 75 by Acumaster

Ever wanted an all-in-one aluminum profile for your windows and doors? Then the Premium 75 series is just the thing you’re looking for. It’s lightweight and highly-versatile, making the assembly process much smoother for you. 

You can choose from either sliding windows, casement doors, and awnings. Each variety has a multi-lock feature to help keep out unwanted elements from entering your home. Though state-of-the-art engineering, each profile is guaranteed to provide durability and resistance, even in high-impact situations.

38 Series

38 by Acumaster

Awning windows are your gateway to stylish exteriors, with the added feature of rainproofing and protection. Acumaster’s 38 series does exactly that.

The profile’s 38-perimeter component and double rubber sealing are designed to keep water away, when the window is inclined. You can supplement this profile with your own set of stylish handles and hinges to fit the overall aesthetic.

WYC Series

WYC Awning by Acumaster

The WYC series is your budget-friendly option to your casements, or awning windows. This profile comes in a classic white and silvery metallic color that can highlight the aluminum finish.

Like all of Acumaster’s awning profiles, the WYC features easy-locking and anti-corrosive properties to ensure all the hinges are working in place. This profile is relatively easy to clean and is fit for structures that require minimal maintenance.

ED Section

ED Profile by Acumaster

The ED section profile is perfect for commercial and retail spaces that need sturdy entryways. Unlike many ED sections that can be found in the market today, Acumaster’s own version comes in a classic bullnose glass window trim design to create a more smooth finish.

You can choose two varieties of thresholds to accompany your ED section, namely, the standard, and P-threshold. Each component is designed to withstand heavy loads and impacts that may come from utility carts. This profile also features a high-quality push bar for seamless door-swinging. 

YP Series

YP by Acumaster

The Acumaster YP series is primarily designed to keep outdoor environmental elements from entering inside a given space. Although it’s one of the most widely-used door sections across residential spaces, its classic look can be modified to accommodate other protective screens like fiberglass or Acumaster’s signature Alcomesh.

Like the WYC series, the YP series is affordable and can be fit in any modern home. It’s built to last in different types of weathers and climates, especially under the scorching heat and heavy rain. 

CW Section

RCW by Acumaster

Curtain walls or mullions are usually found in high-rise building developments, but if you’re planning on a future home renovation, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make this profile a part of your home. 

Acumaster’s RCW series are especially built for all-glass designs and can also come in different sizes and dimensions, depending on the size of the windows. Acumaster’s profiles are designed to keep fluids like water and air from entering into the space. This ensures that the building maintains its insulation and keeps the interiors clean.

T Section

T Section by Acumaster

Acumaster also has profiles for structural support. Made with aluminum, the T sections provide durable support for tables, racks, and other wall-mounted fixtures for any application. 

T sections offer ample support for any material. They’re perfect for bare bones aluminum tables or tables with plywood decks. Despite their lightweight frame and built, they’re sturdy and can easily be assembled and disassembled, to accommodate other types of fittings. 

Key Takeaway

This list of aluminum profiles in the Philippines contains all the types of profiles that you might encounter during your research. The most common types of profiles you may find include window frames and door sections

Although most of these profiles have been fabricated to keep outdoor elements out of a building’s interiors, Acumaster also manufactures structural aluminum profiles for your home. To learn more about other profiles, click here to get in touch!