7 Different Uses of Aluminum Profiles

September 22, 2020

What are the different uses for aluminum profiles?

  1. Production Lines
  2. Door Frames
  3. Window Sections
  4. Building Railings
  5. Utility Trailers
  6. Drive Shafts
  7. Radiators

The aluminum profile uses are far too great to overlook. This simple, yet ingenious product of modern metal fabrication has brought numerous advantages and benefits. It has been used in a range of structural, modelling, or framing applications. As products of the extrusion process, aluminum product manufacturers have been able to produce differentiated extruded profiles that have unique qualities. Read on to learn more about their many different applications.

Production Lines

With the invention of the production, or assembly line, it has been possible for different kinds of industries to more efficiently manage their processes and operations. With the many properties of aluminum, it shouldn’t be a surprise why extruded profiles make the best use for the components of this complex machine.

Components like the solenoid valve can be made with aluminum material. This type of alloy is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and offers a low-cost option compared to other kinds of materials. Solenoid valves that are made of aluminum are especially effective in the transport, transmission, and distribution of different fluids. This durable, yet lightweight material can ensure that the production line stays in optimal condition. 

Door Frames

Sliding glass door detail and rail

Aluminum profiles also make the best door frames. As you may already understand, the door is one of the most important parts of any building structure — it keeps objects from entering interior spaces and likewise protects the building from intrusions of any kind. 

As door frames, aluminum not only improves the functionality of this structure, but it also has many decorative elements in contemporary architecture. The shiny finish of the aluminum is pleasing to look at. Aluminum door frames require very little maintenance, due to their resistance to material degeneration, like corrosion, degeneration, and rusting. The durability also prevents the entry of unwanted airborne particles, in order to retain a clean air quality inside the structure.

Window Sections

Compared to wooden, or timber sections, aluminum window sections are far more affordable and practical. Similar to the humble aluminum door frame, window sections that are made out of aluminum have both functional and decorative elements.

The problem with window sections that are made with different materials, is that they can degrade easily. For example, wood can be difficult to maintain, especially in the presence of harsh environmental conditions. Meanwhile, the many features and properties of aluminum profiles make it less destructive. The normal motion involved in sliding windows won’t be interrupted by environmental hazards like heavy rain and high temperatures. 

Building Railings

A photo of aluminum railings on residential stairs

Building railings need to meet several safety standards. These structural components have been a part of both high-rise developments and humble residential spaces. While the main driver behind the installation of railings has mainly to do with safety, these may also have aesthetic implications.

As a material, aluminum is highly versatile and malleable. Manufacturers of guard railings can come up with a wide variation of designs on aluminum profiles. Aluminum profiles can be fabricated to become decorative columns, bottom rails, lattice systems, newel posts, and the like. 

Utility Trailers

Utility trailers are primarily used for hauling different kinds of equipment. These simple machines can accommodate varying loads of objects, depending on the size of the trailer. They offer a high level of accessibility and flexibility — in particular, utility trailers come with a coupler hitch in order to tightly secure the entire system to a vehicle.

Decks of utility trailers are usually made out of heavy-duty wood panelling or high grade steel. These materials may not necessarily be cheap, but using aluminum profiles as side railings can greatly reduce the entire weight of the utility cart. There’s little-to-no need for future replacements because the material can greatly withstand many outdoor elements that may potentially mar the railings’ quality. 

Drive Shafts

Brand new gear shafts for tractor transmission

Like many parts of a car, the drive shaft holds the responsibility of allowing vehicles to run smoothly on the road. These components enable the car to more smoothly shift from a static or idle position, into motion. Problems with the drive shaft can make vehicle control difficult or altogether impossible.

A drive shaft is fairly uncomplicated in appearance — it appears tubular, with flanges, tube shafts, yokes, and bearings attached to it. Aluminum drive shafts are therefore much lighter compared to materials like steel, for example. Cars with lighter components offer a significant increase in performance, maneuverability, and speed.


Aluminum car radiators are not only affordable, but also provide a space-saving option for vehicles. Aside from reducing the overall weight of the engine, a full-aluminum radiator that comes in a welded design reduces the stress put on the radiator function.

The job of a radiator simply has to do with regulating the temperature of the car engine’s combustion function. Due to the high heat and pressure that takes place in the combustion process, it’s important that the radiator be fitted with components that are able to withstand this. With aluminum profiles, you could reduce the need for plastic hub caps or silicone gaskets. The result is a seamlessly-built aluminum radiator that’s flexible, allowing an uninterrupted flow of fluids. 

Key Takeaway

As mentioned before, the uses of aluminum profile can range from simple tubular formations, to more complex lattices, matrices, or railing systems. The construction industry is not the only one that benefits from the aluminum profile. As products of extrusion, aluminum profiles are useful across many products like side railings, window frames, door sections, or even aluminum core components.

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