5 Questions to Ask Your Aluminum Supplier

May 22, 2021

What are some questions to ask your aluminum supplier?

  1. Can you achieve product tolerances?
  2. What kind of aluminum products do you supply?
  3. Do you have certifications?
  4. Will you collaborate with us during all stages of the project?
  5. Do you offer aluminum coating services?

Partnering with the right aluminum firm is crucial to the success or failure of your products. Before shopping around for the best company, you probably have in mind several questions to ask your aluminum supplier as a way of gauging their processes, professionalism, and services to see if they’re the right fit. While you may also have considerations regarding cost and practicality, choosing a supplier based on these two things alone isn’t enough. You also have to address other areas, such as tolerance, customer service, availability of services, and many more. Check out below for five questions to ask before you choose a dedicated aluminum provider to work with you.

Can You Achieve Product Tolerances?

One of the things that set a good aluminum supplier apart from the rest, is their ability to achieve tight product tolerances. Usually, those in the aluminum fabrication industry will set aside tolerances, depending on the type of product and specification. For example, hollow aluminum extrusions, such as tubes or pipes can reach up to +/0.124 inches, or as specified by the client. Other types of aluminum accessories, such as bars, billets, slugs, and the like, may have varying tolerances with respect to the design.

Knowing the above, you should never fail to ask a prospective aluminum supplier if they are capable of manufacturing aluminum products at tight tolerances. You’ll need assurance that any aluminum product you’ll buy from them would be suitable for your intended use — be it structural, construction, or decorative purposes.

Acumaster Manufacturing Corp, for example, has been supplying the Philippines with a range of high-grade aluminum products. You can guarantee that their aluminum accessories, profiles, and extrusions will meet you or your business’ needs.

What Kind Of Aluminum Products Do You Supply?
What kind of aluminum products do you supply?

Companies that provide aluminum-extruded products and aluminum fabrication services will typically serve a wide array of industries. Some examples would be construction, petrochemical, food & beverage, cosmetics, automotives, and many more. However, your supplier will usually focus on around two or three industries for most of their operations. This is why you’ll also need to inquire about what kind of products they can fabricate and supply you with.

For example, if you’re in the construction industry, you might be in need of aluminum tubes, flat bars, cladding, panelling or even windows. Ask your chosen supplier if they are capable of manufacturing these products at a high-quality, and at a price point that meets your budget expectations.

Do You Have Certifications?

Quality certifications are a demonstration of any company’s commitment to quality products and continuous innovation of processes. These certifications inform customers and professional clients that they are working with a manufacturer that is able to meet some of the highest and sought-after standards in the industry.

All aluminum suppliers you encounter will tell you that they have the highest-quality products, but can they actually support this claim with actual certifications? Specifically, inquire if your aluminum manufacturer’s products and services have ISO-certification or equivalent. If they can provide you with a company profile with these details available, then it’s a good sign that the company you’ll be working with is reliable, transparent, and provides quality aluminum solutions that will benefit you or your organization.

Will You Collaborate With Us During All Stages Of The Project?
Will you collaborate with us during all stages of the project?

Good aluminum suppliers or extruders are known to collaborate with their client even during the early stages of the partnership/development process. This is done so that the supplier can receive input and feedback from the company, and in turn, the client will benefit from knowledge about how aluminum manufacturing is done.

Find a company that has had an illustrious history of working with clients, not just during the initial stages of component development, but also up until manufacturing, post-processing, and distribution. This guarantees that each product you get from them is consistent in quality, form, and functionality. A supplier that can work with you from the prototyping, down to the final stage is always a critical sign that they value your interests as a customer.

Do You Offer Aluminum Coating Services?

Many aluminum extrusion companies today are known for providing a wide array of products — from tubes, pipes, profiles, or even full-blown door and window extrusions. However, understand that these capabilities are not just some of the factors that measure the maturity of the aluminum supplier’s business model. As much as possible, you’ll also want to look if that company can also offer different aluminum coating services, whether it be anodizing, powder coating, or simply mill-finished.

Working with only a single supplier for all your aluminum requirements will ultimately help you save money and time in the long-run. For one, you don’t have to spend the time-consuming process of hopping between various vendors just to simply have your product coated. Another reason is that your products won’t have to undergo extreme markup, such is the case with multiple vendors or suppliers.

Key Takeaway

The production of aluminum products involves a number of complex processes, which is why you have to get a supplier that’s just fit for the job. In this guide, we’ve outlined a few questions to ask your aluminum supplier to make this endeavor easier for you. It’s important to get all bases covered and ask questions relevant to their business and services. Doing this helps you gauge if they’re the right company that can satisfy your requirements and address all concerns aluminum-related.

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