The Best Aluminum Windows Supplier in the Philippines

November 19, 2020

Why is Acumaster the best aluminum windows supplier in the Philippines?

  1. High-Grade Window Profiles
  2. Precise Window Extrusions
  3. Wide Range of Products
  4. Excellent Customer Service
  5. Powder Coating Services

If you’re looking for an aluminum windows supplier in the Philippines, there’s no other company that can meet your needs, other than Acumaster. For several decades, Acumaster has led in the aluminum extrusion industry through their expertise in the field. They have since become the country’s leading producer of fine-grade aluminum windows made using only the most advanced fabricating techniques and the finest raw materials. 

Acumaster specializes in manufacturing a wide array of aluminum window profiles for residential, low-height, high-rise, and a range of other building types. Each aluminum window has specialty features and designs that can give you just the thing you’re looking for in these important building components. Continue reading to learn more.

High-Grade Window Profiles

Installed sliding alumunim windows

Acumaster has been in the industry for many decades now. In their many years of operation, they’ve been able to perfect their methods to produce high-grade aluminum windows that are simply unlike anything else that you’ll find in the market.

Their AMWSD Aluminum Window Series, for example, is an innovation of the standard SD series that has been used widely for aluminum sliding windows. This standard aluminum window retains the classic design and elements of the SD aluminum profile — i.e. a double head with screen, double jamb, lockstile, bottom rails, and interlockers. But it also sports unique functions that can benefit a building space.

The AMWSD for instance, can easily be assembled and installed with a punch, without any need for extensive cutting and machining processes. This is also the best window to keep environmental elements from entering a building space, as it has a water-resistance draining and rubber seal component. These prevent any leakages from fluids, or from water seeping indoors into a building.

If you’re looking to replace your already-existing SD profile, the AMWSD is compatible and can easily be fitted with old structures. 

Precise Window Extrusions

Acumaster also makes sure that each of their aluminum windows passes a rigorous check and assessment before they’re fit to be distributed to you, the consumer. Every product has been cut and machined to the tee — you’ll find that they can easily be assembled and reconfigured with very little difficulty, if any. 

In the past, you may have purchased low-quality aluminum windows that, although cheap, eventually cost you more in the long run. You won’t find the same situation with Acumaster’s window extrusions, since each product has been meticulously manufactured by professionals. 

Each aluminum window can be fit for a variety of projects — whether it be for a high-rise, industrial, or residential structure. Even custom-built designs of aluminum windows can be seamlessly integrated with other building components.

Wide Range of Products

Many windows installed

Acumaster has a wide range of aluminum windows. They have the AMWSD, 798, WSD, BS600, 900, and the Premium 75 Series. You can choose from each category to find the right aluminum window that you need for your building.

Each design can provide a beautiful complement to any modern structure. The 798 for example, sports a slimmer design. It requires fewer profiles for assembly, making the cost of material procurement less expensive compared to other windows.

The WSD Series meanwhile, sports the classic aluminum window design that can be found in earlier structures. Its timeless look works perfectly well with budget-friendly architecture and construction projects on a budget.

If you’re looking for a more premium aluminum window look, you may want to check out Acumaster’s Premium 75, 900, and BS600 Series. Although they’re easy to assemble and require a small inventory size, their sleek designs make them some of the most popular choices for a minimalist or a contemporary space.

Excellent Customer Service

Acumaster’s commitment to its customers is not only evident in the wide array of high quality aluminum windows, products, and other services, but also in their customer service. 

You can request a quotation from Acumaster, which lists all the information you need on aluminum windows. They’re receptive to input and other suggestions coming from you. For example, if you want to have your own custom-built aluminum profile, they can get the job done. 

If you want to get started, you may request a quotation by clicking here. Fill out all the fields with the necessary information needed — i.e. type of window profile series, number of extrusions, powder coating services, or even Jaloucoating. In no time at all, you will already be entertained by a representative who is more than happy to answer any inquiries you may have about Acumaster’s products and services.

Powder Coating Services

Powder coated windows by Acumaster

Aluminum windows are already sturdy on their own, but if you want to add another layer of protection for your windows, Acumaster also offers powder coating services on all their window designs.

Although powder coating is mainly used for decorative purposes — it provides an attractive and colorful finish for aluminum windows and other profiles — it also has a functional application. For example, powder coating can protect the surface of the aluminum and prevent it from further corrosion and damage. This allows aluminum windows to last for a longer time and make them more durable

Unlike paint, powder coating is also more healthy and environment-friendly. It does not produce fumes that can be harmful to the environment, nor does it emit VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that can be harmful when inhaled.

Key Takeaway

Acumaster is your trusted aluminum windows supplier in the Philippines. They’ve been the leading provider of all aluminum extruded products that have given form and structure to different types of buildings. 

All products that you get from Acumaster has been fashioned through superb and innovative processes. You’ll get nothing but affordable, stylish, and sturdy aluminum windows that don’t sacrifice on quality. 

Get in touch with Acumaster here to learn more about their aluminum windows and profiling services.