Common Aluminum Products in the Philippines

October 13, 2020

What are the common aluminum products that you’ll find in the Philippines?

  1. Sliding Windows
  2. Awnings
  3. Doors
  4. Louvers
  5. Tubes

Aluminum is one of the most widely-used alloys. It’s flexible, lightweight, strong, recyclable, durable, versatile, and most importantly, corrosion-resistant. When you’re looking for aluminum products in the Philippines, you should always get them from a trusted supplier like Acumaster. This is to ensure that you get only the most value-for-money aluminum products that don’t compromise on quality. Aluminum products can now be fit for use in a wide variety of applications, whether it be in residential or non-residential structures. Read on to learn more.

Sliding Windows

Installing an aluminum window

Sliding windows are a great addition to any kind of contemporary home. You may have a misconception that there’s no way of making sliding windows attractive — this isn’t entirely the case. In fact, Acumaster has a range of sliding window aluminum profiles that you won’t find elsewhere.

As you may already know, aluminum windows are useful for any kind of structure. They bring about a natural source of light to any interior. More than that, they also protect buildings from harsh environmental conditions like rain, heavy wind gusts, dust, and more. 

With this in mind, you have every reason to get aluminum sliding windows. Because they’re manufactured through the extrusion process, all the parts and dimensions of an aluminum sliding window are accurate to the tee. Despite the lightweight material, they’re durable, affordable, require minimal maintenance, and be customized according to preference.


Aside from sliding windows, aluminum profiles can also be machined to produce high-quality awning windows. In the Philippines, it can get pretty hot and humid during the summer season. Torrential rains and wind drafts on the other hand, can get unbearable during the rainy season. With aluminum awning windows, you can protect your residential home or building structure from these types of conditions.

Acumaster’s awning window profiles in particular, can provide your home with cool ventilation without the drawbacks. They’ve been designed to lower moisture, humidity levels, or unbearable cold conditions inside the interiors. If you want to close awning windows, you can safely do so without getting soaked by the rain, or harshly exposed to the sun. 

Apart from their functionality, awning windows can also create a more modern-contemporary appearance for any space. They can beautifully complement the other accents and structures that you have for both your home’s indoor and outdoor areas.


Aluminum door by Acumaster

Many doors that you’ll find nowadays are made from PVC or wood. But have you ever considered aluminum doors? After all, it’s more durable than any of these materials. Wood, for example, requires extensive maintenance and coating like paint, varnish, or other sealants — this is because the material is prone to rotting and discoloration without proper care. PVC doors on the other hand are prone to warping, especially when exposed to harsh temperatures.

Unlike wood or PVC, aluminum is far stronger and resistant to warping. They offer better protection for buildings because of their built and structural robustness. Aluminum doors can guarantee you with more secure entryways that are easy to maintain. They can also come custom-fitted with aluminum mesh to further protect against insects or moisture. Improving the design of aluminum doors has also been made easy because you can have them coated with paint or any powder coating design of your choice.


Louvers are somewhat similar to windows, but they possess an open-air structure that makes them distinct from other arrangements. They may appear similar to blinds and typically consist of different parts like cills, blades, upper frames, lower frames, and the mullions.

Aluminum louvers can provide any interior structure with a great source of ventilation without the extra energy cost. Like many of the aluminum products that you’ve encountered on the list, aluminum louvers are highly corrosion-resistant and won’t be affected by different substances like moisture, weathering, and other forms of oxidation. 

Aluminum louvers can also come with adjustable slats to suit your preference. In fact, their unique appearance works well with just about any building design. If you want your space to become more structurally-sound and sustainable, then these environmentally-friendly aluminum louvers are perfect for you. 


Close up photo of aluminum tubes

There are also several structural aluminum products that you may encounter — the most popular of them, being aluminum tubes. Other alloys like steel can be expensive and heavy, which is why many industries prefer the much lower-cost and lightweightness of aluminum.

Aluminum tubes can be found across HVAC systems, hydraulic units, rail systems, outdoor recreational accents, electrical housing, and many more. 

Although they may be lighter compared to steel, they still have a high durability rating, making them easier to install and carry around. Whether you’re using aluminum tubes for recreational or more energy-intensive activities, you’ll have no problem working with it.

Key Takeaway

Some of the most popular aluminum products in the Philippines include tubes, sliding windows, awnings, and doors. 

Aluminum manufacturers and suppliers have been able to take advantage of the alloy’s many properties in order to create a wide range of products. Not only are these materials fit for recreational purposes, but they can also be found in many structural applications.

Looking for high-quality aluminum products? Acumaster has just the right one for you. Check out their wide array of aluminum extrusion products and other profiles here.