7 Different Aluminum Accessories in the Philippines

January 12, 2021

What are the different aluminum accessories in the Philippines?

  1. Round Tube
  2. Rectangular Tube
  3. U Channel
  4. Mullion
  5. Sliding Window
  6. Door Frame
  7. Flat Bars

Acumaster Manufacturing Corporation has a wide array of durable, high-quality, and long-lasting aluminum accessories in the Philippines. You can choose from round tubes, aluminum U-channels, sliding window frames, window awnings, screen doors, and other high-precision extruded products for structural use.

Each aluminum accessory is designed to give more stability to your structures and improve overall design and functionality. If you’re in need of high-quality materials, Acumaster is the one to turn to. Continue reading to learn more. 

Round Tube

Aluminum tubes

Aluminum round tubes are excellent for various applications for residential or even commercial use. They’re stain-resistant, non-corrosive, durable, lightweight, and easy to install, allowing you to come up with custom-built designs and objects of your preference. 

Acumaster’s aluminum round tubes are also excellent for any piping works that need to be done. Due to their high ductility and high tensile strength, they can be modified in order to fit any HVAC, sewage, or plumbing systems in a building. Compared to steel, aluminum is more lightweight and can be cut and machined according to size to fit any system as needed. 

Rectangular Tube

Aside from round tubes, Acumaster also supplies premium rectangular tubes for construction and a wide range of other structural purposes. Although the rectangular tubes are low in density, they are perfect for low-cost projects that are in need of light, but dependable materials.

Some examples of rectangular tubing applications include railings, frames, tubing, or any residential decoration. You can purchase different sizes of the rectangular tubes in the best grades of steel from Acumaster, while also having the option to make modifications to the sizing. 

U Channel

Different aluminum profiles

While one of the main applications for U channels are panelling, studding, and wall cladding, they can also be used in industrial construction. Likewise, these aluminum accessories also offer customers with affordable ways to construct pre-engineered metal buildings, barebones warehouses, parking spaces, and the like.

For cladding purposes, the U channel is a perfect choice as it can be fitted with other materials like concrete or plastic. The U channel is flexible enough to be altered according to preference, without any compromise in its quality. 

The U channel can also be applied in creative projects such as trimmings, shelf mounts, corner shelving, hanging racks, and many more. Its versatility and sleek metallic finish can be part of any contemporary home. 


Acumaster’s mullions or curtin walls are specifically designed for high-rise buildings and mid rise buildings. While their primary use is for improving the exterior design and aesthetic appeal of the structure, they also have a number of benefits.

Curtain walls can serve as support whenever windows of high-rise buildings need to be cleaned and repaired by maintenance personnel. They have excellent integration with glass windows and can also be coated with different finishes for better design. 

Aluminum curtain walls are easy to transport, fit, and install. They also have properties that can improve a high-rise building’s interior thermal conditions and quality of ventilation. 

Flat Bars

Man at a construction site

Aluminum flat bars can be found in almost every kind of machine, structure, heavy equipment, or everyday household appliances. Acumaster’s flat bars are extruded according to only the highest standards to ensure that you’re using only the best materials out there.

Flat bars can be combined with various other aluminum profiles. For example, in window frames, the flat bars can be cut and processed in order to serve as latches. It can also be used for support in aluminum furniture — i.e. tables, chairs, desks — in combination with different sections.

Sliding Window

Aside from structural aluminum accessories, Acumaster also manufactures a number of extruded sliding window profiles. These products improve upon the traditional sliding window, with added features that give low-height, mid-rise, or high-rise buildings a number of benefits.

The AMWSD sliding window profile, for example, is compatible with already-existing sliding windows. This means that the customers won’t have to do too much work in making modifications to the window openings. 

Aside from this, the AMWSD profile also has an improved interlocker and lockstile system. This ensures that no elements from the outdoors will seep into a building’s exteriors, allowing for greater protection. 

Door Frame

Sliding glass door

Wooden door frames are a common feature across many Filipino households, but they may not necessarily be the most effective choice. This is because wooden material is more prone to rotting and damages, especially in the presence of termites. More than that, they’re also non-water-resistant and may need varnishing every 2 to 3 years.

If you have wooden door frames in your home or building space, then you may want to make a switch towards aluminum door frames. Not only do they add an appeal that’s distinctively modern, but they also minimize the need for constant maintenance.

Check out Acumaster’s Premium 75 aluminum sliding door series which needs only 4 profiles to manufacture. It can be combined with glass material for better visibility, while still able to maintain a high impact resistance rating. 

Key Takeaway

As the leading supplier of aluminum accessories in the Philippines, Acumaster has everything you need, from flat bars, sliding windows, aluminum door frames, U channels, tubes, and mullions. All of these products are stamped with the Acumaster seal of quality to ensure that the customers get nothing but premium aluminum materials.

To learn more about our different products, you may visit this page. You can also get in touch with us here. We’ll be happy to attend to all your suggestions, comments, and inquiries.